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Ablation Test

Here we present the ablation test result to simulate the synthesis result if there is only DDSP synthesizer available, or there are only DDSP synthesizer and synthesizer parameters generator available.

The following samples labelled "DDSP-mean" are synthesized only using DDSP synthesizer, giving f0 contour directly transferred from MIDI sequence, and loudness sequence filled with the average note-on loudness of the instrument.

The following samples labelled "Note-mean" are synthesized using synthesizer parameters generator. The note expression controls are filled with average value of the instrument across training set.

MIDI Synthesis

DDSP-mean Note-mean Proposed Model

Phantom - DDSP-mean

Violin to Guitar

Phantom - Note-mean

Violin to Guitar

Phantom - Proposed Model

Violin to Guitar

Test-set Synthesis

Ground-truth DDSP-mean Note-mean Proposed Model